All Year Round

All Year Round is a project by the Amsterdam-based artist Ola Lanko. The project shows a continuous photographic registration of the view over the IJ lake in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Perevorot created an online archive of all of the 365 pictures that were shot, one for each day.

Museum installation

Collecting this amount of images is very labour-intensive. Selected Works helped automate the workflow as much as possible. 

A dedicated netbook in the windowsill would continuously generate images all day. Every night these images would automatically be sent to a more powerfull notebook. In the morning Ola would compile these seperate images into one giant photograph, retouch and clean it up a bit. The resulting photography would then be uploaded to the online archive and annoted by hand.

Netbook in the windowsill looking over the IJ
We wanted to be able to view each picture in detail, without losing overview.
Searching the archive

For the exhibition of All Year Round at FOAM Amsterdam, we created a special version of the archive that was optimized for a touchscreen. This version was an offline dump of the online archive, speeding up loading times even more, because all the images were stored locally. And we weren’t dependent on the museum’s internet connection. The installation would reboot every morning, saving energy at night and making it as less labour-intensive as possible.

The in-museum installation, running a touchscreen-optimized and offline version of the archive.